In an ideal life, we would have the bodies of our dreams, age gracefully and never have to deal with insecurities about our appearance. Unfortunately, ‘life’ catches up with us and we start to notice changes in our body such as signs of aging and weight gain. Weight gain in our faces-more specifically under the chin-is known as submental fat or “the double chin”. This area of the body is especially difficult to target for weight loss, and although other areas of the body may slim during diet and exercise, the submental fat may linger, causing frustration and insecurities.

Introducing Kybella

Kybella is a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment for the permanent elimination of submental fat and is a safe alternative to liposuction. Kybella injections consist of deoxycholic acid which is a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies. Once injected, it works by lysing (“bursting”) the fat cell membranes. This eradicates the fat cells of the targeted area permanently.

How do you know if Kybella is right for you?

If you’ve experienced a stubborn double chin despite diet and exercise, are interested in a permanent and minimally invasive fix or are self-conscious about the appearance of your double chin, you are a strong candidate for Kybella.

What to expect

Most individuals require two treatments to see substantial results. Depending on the amount of submental fat, fewer or additional treatments may be needed. To optimize results, these treatments should be scheduled 6 weeks apart.

Most individuals tolerate the Kybella procedure very easily. However, if 2 or more vials are injected during a single treatment, it is normal to expect a mild to moderate burning sensation for about an hour immediately after injection. Shortly afterwards, you will experience some soreness, redness, and swelling in the treated area for about 3-7 days. After this time, the firm swelling is then replaced by a softer swelling that diminishes over the next 2 weeks. Some individuals may also experience some mild numbness lasting 2 weeks.

Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills offers Kybella as well as other procedures that can address your aesthetic concerns. If you’d like to learn more, schedule an appointment with our exceptional Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Shamouelian, who will recommend the right treatment for you.

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